Playing “Unattached” and Open/Closed College Tournaments

Last spring a number of ITA coaches raised questions regarding the policies and rules for a student-athlete to compete “unattached,” and the NCAA Division I Tennis Committee also discussed this in their summer meeting, and encouraged the ITA Operating Committee to address this issue. In response, the ITA Division I Operating Committee recently reviewed the matter of playing unattached in ITA-sanctioned events, and determined that in the future the ITA will only sanction "closed" college events (i.e. not "open" and open only to eligible college players, not juniors, etc.).

This ITA policy decision in no way changes the NCAA rules involving “playing unattached.” And further, it will not go into effect before the 2003-04 academic year, to allow for coaches and tournament directors time to adjust to this impending rule change.

It is also important to note that this policy will eliminate the possibility of a college player competing in an ITA tournament "unattached," since one of the criteria established by the NCAA for playing "unattached" is that the tournament be "Open." NCAA rules will still allow for a player to compete unattached, but this could no longer be in an ITA-sanctioned event and could not count towards ITA Rankings.