Can a full college scholarship grant be awarded to the winner of a
tournament by the sponsor of the event?



The sport of Bowling currently has a program arranged where scholarship money is granted to event winners.  It seems that a program like this might be arranged for tennis, but the money MUST be distributed through the NGB (USTA) or International equivalent and the scholarship would count against the total number of scholarships for that specific collegiate program (countable scholarships).  For example, a men's program cannot exceed the 4.5 allowable scholarships even though the money would be coming from a source other than the university. 


Additionally, the funds must be distributed directly to the educational institution regardless of whether the scholarship was earned prior to or post enrollment.  And, although the initial question posed (listed above) specified college tuition, it seems that high school tuition, such as a private school, could also be covered applying similar NCAA bylaws.


The operative NCAA bylaws have been included below for your reference.




The operative NCAA Bylaws for this situation are:


*NCAA Bylaw (p. 204) Educational Expenses - US Olympic Committee or NGB


* NCAA Bylaw (p. 70-71) Educational Expenses from Outside Sports Teams or Organizations subsequent to Collegiate enrollment, and the two subsets to that rule identify the Olympic Committee and the NGB


* Bylaw # Educational Expenses prior to collegiate enrollment, used for educational expenses.   Educational expenses would be books, private school tuition, etc.