NCAA Division II Legislation Update
Earlier this summer, the ITA requested the NCAA Division II Legislative Committee to sponsor a legislative change to NCAA Proposal 2-28/Bylaw 17 to exempt the Omni Hotels/ITA National Small College Championships. The NCAA did not approve the request for change to the legislation, but has agreed to grant participating (Division II) student-athletes waivers (upon request) for the Oct. 17-20 Omni Hotels/ITA National Small College Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas. This request was made in response to NCAA Proposal 2-28/Bylaw 17, which goes into effect this fall and allows for 24 maximum allowable days of practice in a 45 day period in the Non-Championships Segment. The request has been approved by the NCAA for the 2002 event. 

An institution who has a student-athlete that needs a waiver to the playing and practice season in order to attend the 2002 Omni Hotels/ITA National Small College Championships can apply for a waiver with student-athlete reinstatement. They should send their waiver request to Laura Wurtz at the NCAA and you direct all question about this to her. 

The ITA would like to thank the Division II members of the ITA Small College Operating Committee - Bev Buckley (Rollins), Marty Coyne (Bloomsburg), Tina Karwasky (Cal State Los Angeles) and Mark Rosewell (Northwest Missouri State) - who were instrumental in developing the ITA position paper requesting the legislative change and reaching out to key administrators to gain support for our request.

Posted Aug. 14, 2002