Legislative proposals
Legislative action taken by the Division I Management Council during its April 19-20 meeting in Indianapolis.

No. 03-14 Eligibility --

Seasons of Competition -- Tennis and

Swimming and Diving (as amended by Proposal Nos. 03-14-1 and 03-14-2)

In tennis and swimming and diving, to specify that a student-athlete who does not enroll in college within one year after the graduation date of the student-athlete's class (as determined by the first year of high-school enrollment or the international equivalent) shall fulfill an academic year in residence upon initial collegiate enrollment. Further, to specify that the student-athlete also loses a season of competition for each year in which the student-athlete has participated in organized tennis or swimming and diving competition during each year after the expected date of high-school graduation (or the international equivalent) and before collegiate enrollment. (Amended to specify that a student-athlete who is not subject to the provisions of Bylaw and enrolls in college (that is, within a year of the graduation date of the student's high-school class), but matriculates at the certifying institution after participating in organized tennis competition after his or her 20th birthday, is subject to a residence requirement and uses a season of eligibility for each year of organized competition after his or her 20th birthday.)

Effective date: Amended to August 1, 2004; for competition occurring on or after August 1, 2004.

Council action: Approved and forwarded to the Board of Directors for adoption.